Simply Hired Releases December 2013 U.S. Employment Outlook


he online job search engine has released its December 2013 U.S. Employment Outlook report. The report found that in November job openings increased 0.6% month-over-month and 52.5% year over year. The report also indicated that job openings increased in 8 of 18 industries during November. The largest gains month-over-month were seen in the military sector (9.3%) and the non-profit sector. The Legal (-16.9%), automotive (-13.5%) and the government (-13.4%) sectors experienced decreases during the same period. The healthcare sector had one-third of all job postings in November making healthcare the top posting employment sector during the month.

The other industries with month-over-month gains were Education (2.4%), Financial Services (0.4%), Healthcare (0.5%), Manufacturing (2.0%), Media (1.4%) and the Travel industry (1.4%). The industries experiencing decreases include Agriculture (-4.5%), Construction (-0.8%), Hospitality (-2.4%), Real Estate (-4.8%), Retail (-5.4%), Technology (-1.6%) and Transportation (-3.9%).

The top five industries with the highest percentage year-over-year job openings included Non-Profit (64.1%), Construction (62.0%), Government (55.4%), Financial Services (50.1%) and Retail (41.9%). Similarly the five sectors with the lowest percentage of job openings year-over-year were the Military (5.1%), Legal (5.6%), Automotive (20.4%), Agriculture (20.7%) and Real Estate (24.6%).

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