Georgia Online Public School Announces Start of School Year

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), an online fully accredited public school announces the start of their school year. The official start for the 2017-2018 school year will begin August 14th. The Georgia online public school teaches grades K through 12.

Georgia Cyber Academy is licensed as a online public charter school and is available to students across the entire state of Georgia. Unlike traditional public schools in Georgia, GCA is supervised by a non-profit Board of Directors. Students can attend charter schools free of charge, meaning GCA cannot charge a tuition. Charter schools also gain a degree of flexibility from the State Board of Education, in their approach to educate students, but to cite a cliche, there is no free lunch. This flexibility also brings higher expectations, and accountability for fostering greater levels of achievement among its students.

According to Michelle Blackwell, middle school assistant prinicipal, “GCA offers a unique opportunity for students to find an academic setting that is right for them, no matter their needs. Students enroll at GCA for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the flexibility of online learning, we can support their unique needs.”

The Georgia Board of Education website has section on their website dedicated to Charter Schools including a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section found here. For more information on Georgia Cyber Academy check here.

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